Major Insurance Companies and Diabetes:

Health Insurance Plans by Companies in Aggregate

How do they rate1?

Aetna/US Healthcare D+ (#7)
APWU A- (#2)
BlueCross/Shield Programs D- (#9)"worst"
Cigna C (#6)
GEHA A (#1)"best"
Medicare B (#4)
NALC C+ (#5)
PHCS A-(#2)
UnitedHealthCare D+ (#7)


  1. Does the carrier care more about the patient or more about costs?
  2. Does the carrier work well with providing physicians to improve overall diabetic health?
  3. Does the carrier attempt to rush patients out of the hospital?
  4. Does the carrier easily allow the physician to prescribe what is medically necessary as opposed to what is formulary?
  5. How do physicians rate the carrier?
  6. How do patients rate the carrier?
  7. Were excess complaints lodged against the carrier by physicians or patients?
  8. What is the price of the policy relative to direct patient-cost outlays?

    1.Data on file (12March2004)
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