Affiliate Programs

offered by

The National Diabetes Center


1) Extremely low-cost

2) Includes medical software and quality assurance modules

3) Includes website

4) Requirements for licensure (initial and yearly renewal):-






  1. Site must include CDE teaching nurse and dietician

  2. Site must include board-certified endocrinologist

  3. Site must include podiatrist

  4. Site must include eye-care practitioner

  5. Site must utilize computerized medical recored software

  6. Site must agree to participate in clinical trials

  7. Site must pass yearly quality assurance evaluations

  8. Minimum follow-up visit must be no less than 30 minutes hands-on per patient

  9. Minimum new office visit must be no less than 90 minutes hands-on per patient

  10. Patient satisfaction must remain over 95%

Current Affiliates



Other current affiliates:-




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